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We are experts in music business management and its innovation. We want to craft the best solutions for record labels, playlist owners and livestream events.

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Be your own major record lable

Realize your vision

Create your own professional record label and take your work further in every direction.


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Everything you need to release your music

We are an all in one solution for audio management.

Artist Catalog

Create as many artists as you have in your record label. Give your artists access to their own releases or the entire music catalog.

Record Label Catalog

Create as many record labels as you like. You can manage unlimited sub-labels with Affekt. Each label has its own track catalog.

Track Catalog

Manage your audio tracks in one place. Take advantage of automatic audio format generation. Find your tracks quickly with a super nicely designed interface.

Release Catalog

Easily create new albums from your track catalog. Publish them to ROBA Music Publishing or Believe using our helper tools. Take advantage of automatically generated release exports.

License Management

Save the contracts with your artists in one place and find them again and again. The share percentages you insert for your artists are included in the automatically generated royalty statements.

Sales Import

You can import sales files for unlimited royalty-sources and use them for royalty calculations. Take advantage of automatically generated artist accounts and give your artists 24/7 an overview of their earnings.

Finally, no more Dropbox. Finally, no more Excel. Without losing any control over the Record Label data, we can now hit the ground running.

Benjamin Takats

Label manager, Affekt Reaktion


We're here to help

You can post in our forum on all questions. You can also find the documentation about functions in the Affekt system there.